Corporation details - Vengance Inc. [VENGA]
Alliance: None CEO: jeff munson
Kills: 0 HQ:
Losses: 1 Members: 66
ISK destroyed: 0.00B Shares: 100000
ISK lost: 0.02B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 0% Website:
CEO: jeff munson
Co-CEO Apex142
Captains yeto10, fooraap(EU)

VENGA is currently recruiting. (Reference or invite only) Send a mail to Jeff munson, yeto10 or apex142
for EU timezonded players contact fooraap

ABOUT US Channel
- We are now intrested in increasing our ranks with new members.
- Are you looking for Stability and longevity ? Experience says it all. Our crop has been active in game for over 11 years and the Ceo and Founder over 12 years in game. We prefer a family like social group and with us you will make long lasting connections and friendships


- Mining Fleet/Combat Sites Fleet
- PVP fleets
- Newbie friendly
- TS channel
- corp fleets
- active corp leadership

- Activity. Our recommendation is that you play then you can. But rl is more important and you wont be kicked from corp
- Patience: Eve is a game that takes time. You will most likely fail many times It has happend to everyone. Just learn from it and try again. We will always be there to help you out

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Venga Pub
10 Most recent kills

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10 Most recent losses
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Fade, P-33KR (0.0)
I: 41 C: 0