Corporation details - Stronghelm Corporation [STHMC]
Alliance: Solyaris Chtonium CEO: Tommas Crowbarius
Kills: 904 HQ: Lustrevik VII - Moon 9 - Brutor Tribe Academy
Losses: 0 Members: 171
ISK destroyed: 351.54B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 7.5%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website: http://
Stronghelm Corporation is a casual, laid back, low stress corporation whom is a member of the 2700+ member alliance [SLYCE] Solyaris Chtonium as well as the 10,000+ member Guardians of the Galaxy [GotG]. We have our fingers in all areas of EvE including Industry, Exploration and PVP. We own our own [SOV] Sovereignty system in Deklein where we have access to fantastic mining belts and ore, 33 planets with the ability to make all T4 PI components and highly profitable and nearly limitless combat sites and complexes.

For those interested in PVP. We took part in the war against the Imperium and have daily alliance and coalition sponsored PVP fleets. Our alliance has skilled FC's and a training program for learning how to PVP. We also encourage our PVP oriented members to participate in the NPSI community. Our mature members enjoy socializing with like minded players who don't take politics to seriously. As an example if a corp member is in one NPSI fleet and that fleet meets another NPSI fleet with a corp member in it we aren't afraid to take shots at each other and have a laugh about it later.

We primarily enjoy small or large gang PVP in Low, Null or W Sec. However we are also PVE friendly, and all of us take part in some form of PVE to make ISK to buy ships and support the corporation. We are new player friendly and are here to offer advice to help make your new player experience the best you can. We are most active during US and EU timezones. We generally fly cruisers and below because we'd rather fly a ship that costs pocket change over and over again than a large blingy ship that compensates for the size of something else.

What we offer:

Friendly low stress PVP/PVE corp membership
Null Sec SOV ownership and Alliance Membership in [SLYCE] Solyaris Chtonium
Access to fantastic mining belts and ore, 33 planets with the ability to make all T4 PI components and highly profitable and nearly limitless combat sites and complexes.
Freedom to do as you want
PVP/PVE players who don’t stress the little things
Low Tax Rate of 7.5% (0% PI)
Opportunity to be involved in corp leadership and planning
Appreciation for what you offer the corp
No worries if you want to spend the day mining or building your industrial empire, we have to make isk somewhere.
Access to profitable Null Sec and Wormhole Space
Station Offices and POS's offers full industrial including: Manufacturing, Material/Time Research, Copying, Invention.
Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for Alliance doctrine ships.
Top Killboard of Month Prizes.
Rewards for Industrialists who help the corp.
Freedom to fly, shoot and hunt where you want.

What we want:

People interested in both PVE and PVP in nullsec
PVE ratters who are willing to defend the home system
PVE industrialists who are the backbone of any good PVP corp
Mature laid back members who can have a laugh when they lose a ship
Fun folks with a sense of humor
Ability to find things to do and operate independently
We have room for people interested in FCing.
Prefer 21+ but mature younger folks can apply

We Are Open to New Players:
If your looking to join a great corp, join the
Stronghelm Corp channel.
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